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Japanese animation and manga

Long ago and far away, I was an anime fan. Actually, I guess I still am, because look! Here's anime stuff on my web site! But way back when, I wrote several articles, introducing some little-known anime and manga, to run in various Amateur Press Associations (for those of you who don't remember what those were... think newsgroups without the computers...). These were all done before there were such things as scanners readily available (ah, the days of cut-and-paste), and I ain't re-doin' 'em... so you'll have to deal with the slight blurred edges.

And if you ask real nice... I might even post my translations to the Yaiba, Ushio-to Tora, and Nargas manga...

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Animal X

Kiryu Senki Nargas

Ushio-to Tora

Yaiba (also a tv anime series)

Anime Series

Dragon League

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