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Hi.  I'm the newest here.  I just came home yesterday and I'm still trying to figure things out, but it looks like I've got a great place to be.
I'm a sato, a rescued dog from the streets of Puerto Rico.  I was sent to the shelter in upstate NY by a Boxer rescue group that also rescues satos.  They think I have some daschund in me, judging by my knobbly knees and paws, but I have the face of a chihuahua.  The shelter said that I was four months old, but the vet thinks I'm closer to three months, because I still have all my puppy teeth.


Mom calls me Miracle, but she says that's a little hokey, so she calls me Miri for short.  There was a song playing by Mike & the Mechanics called "All I need is a miracle" when we were being seen by the vet.  Mom says I'm going to be very important.  I'm going to be something called a Service Dog.  Mom says she's ill and I'm going to be her little helper.  I'm not sure yet what that means, but she says I'll get to go places with her, and that can only be fun!


Mom says I've got a pretty good start.  Everyone at the vet's came out to play with me and I gave them puppy kisses.  I give great puppy kisses!  The vet said I was a nice puppy, even though I have a puppy cold.  He gave Mom lots of medicine for me and some stuff to help boost my immune system from the stress of my long trip and my stay in the shelters.  I take the medicine well, and I slept the night through without having any accidents in my crate bed.  Mom was so happy!  This morning, I tried to convince the cats to play with me, but they aren't so sure about me yet.  It tired me out, though, so I'm going to go take a nap.  Mom says to enjoy the pictures of me, and that she'll try to add more as I grow up.