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The Lair of the StealthBunnies is proud to introduce...

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The Phooka

phooka (POO-ka), also spelled pooka: a Irish pixie or sprite, known for mischief and its ability to take on the shape of various animals.
James Stewart starred in a movie called Harvey, about a man whose best friend was a six foot tall invisible white rabbit named Harvey, who was a phooka.
What a great name for a rabbit!


After ten long months of being without a bunny, the StealthBunnies began a new generation on July 11, 2004 by adopting The Phooka, an eleven week old French Lop. 


Here is The Phooka with an identical littermate.  I have no idea why I chose The Phooka over his brother.  He didn't lick me, or show more interest in me than his brother did.  I really can't say.... except that when I touched him, I just knew that he was the right one to be my Phooka.

A pretty kitty supervises the decision.


Hey... a back-scratch is kinda nice, isn't it?

I could grow to like this!

Check out the new digs! I never had it so luxurious! I think I'm gonna like it here!

Jazzi meets The Phooka. Are you my new playmate?

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