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Model Stitching
Painting With Thread

Experience, knowledge and environment:
Located in Upstate NY USA. 
I am new to model stitching, however I have been stitching for 26 years, currently spending at least 2-3 hours a day, usually more like 4-6
My household is strictly smoke-free, and although I do have pets (two cats, a house rabbit, seven gerbils, and a betta), I make a conscious effort to remove all Feline Fibers. 
My preferred designs are nature, animals, Native American, Asian, aquatic, and fantasy in no particular order. 
I am experienced in cross stitch, embroidery, long stitch, and crewel.  I prefer working on cashel linen, although I can also work on Aida and other fabrics.
My knowledge of stitches includes cross-stitch (full, half, quarter, three-quarters) and I railroad each stitch.  I can also do French knots, satin stitch, straight stitch, back stitch, lasy daisy, couching, long stitch, stem stitch, split stem stitch, and outline stitch.  I can work with metallics, blending filaments, braids, whisper thread, and beads.
Besides my love for embroidery, I also stitch as physical therapy.  I have fibromyalgia, and the stitching is therapeutic for my hands and wrists and also acts as physical therapy.  I am disabled due to the fibromyalgia, which means I not only have the desire and need to stitch, but also the time to dedicate to it.  Every little bit of income helps.  I am a fast and neat stitcher (I finished Mirabilia's Winter Queen in less than three months while working on two other projects as well).  I have done other types of free-lance work (writing, artistry, etc), and am responsible and can meet deadlines.  I want to work.  Give me a chance, and I think you'll be glad you did.

Sample of my stitching


This is Dimension's Proud Peacock, with my own personal adaptions.  It is sewn on 18 ct hand-dyed Aida -- No, I did not do the dying ;)  I have added or substituted blending filament, and have substituted beads for French Knots.

(view of back)


This sample is available for on-hands review and can be requested at either of the following email addresses.

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