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Painting With Thread

Long ago and far away (well, actually in California in about 1977), a seven year old girl took a train trip with her mother to go visit her sister in Washington state.  Her mother took along a stamped cross-stitch kit to work on.  For those of you unfamiliary with the term, this means that the design is printed on the fabric, and you sew over the print.  Most of the stitches are in the shape of an "X", thus the name "cross stitch".  The little girl was fascinated, and her mother let her sew a few stitches.

She was hooked.  Not long afterwards, she was given her first embroidery kit.

Many years later, I'm still sewing.  Here are some of my projects.  These are not photos of my actual pieces, but rather photos that I could find floating around on the web (really, you don't want to have to put up with my terrible photography skills).  These are only a sample of those that I have done over the last few years.  Many were given as gifts, and I never took pictures of them.  Many others, I was simply unable to find images of.  But here are a few.

Most of these are the type of embroidery called "counted cross stitch".  Basically, this means that you start with a blank piece of fabric.  Nothing on it at all.   The design is printed on a graph, and the sewer refers to the graph for the placement of stitches onto the fabric.  This is my favorite type of embroidery and what I do the most often.


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