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The Lair of the StealthBunnies is proud to introduce...

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The Phooka's first Christmas!


Eight months after The Phooka came to live with us, he finally overcame his fear of some invisible line he had drawn in the kitchen.  He crossed that line for the first time and discovered.... the bedroom!

He saw me coming after him and dodged! I blocked! He dodged again! I blocked again! He saw an opening that looked safe and went for it!


...and this is how he discovered that Mom can't fit under the bed.


And up ON the bed is a lot of fun too!


The Tiki-kitty insists that SHE was there FIRST, so shouldn't have to move.  The Phooka... agrees with her!  Here you can get an idea of how big he has grown! 


And of course, Jazzi has to join in!  Here are all three on the bed.  Messy unmade beds are always the most fun, so of course the bed stays unmade, just for them.  Riiiiiight... but it sounds like a good excuse, right? ;)


Jazzi, from up top the kitchen cabinets, a good eight feet up!  And yes, Tiki does this too.


"I see you waaaaay down there!"


Jazzi loooooooves boxes!


Or anything remotely resembling a box.